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20:43-- Mr P: Everyting is everything mi fren.
20:44-- Peppermint: Memories lol
20:44-- MacDaddy: Nice to have u tuned in. Hope you are enjoying the jams
20:45-- MacDaddy: Cool nuh Peppermint
20:46-- Peppermint: All I can say is ....."........OH MY DAYS lol l
20:51-- Mr P: Hot shot
20:52-- MacDaddy: tun it up
21:01-- Guest_7558: ROCKIN
21:03-- MacDaddy: NICE
21:08-- Mr P: You a tek mi bac to good days
21:09-- MacDaddy: Level Vibes policy lol
21:15-- Nis media: News Flash Delroy Thomson AKA Bandelero Pinchers was shot last night kingston Jamaica he is now in a stable condition
21:16-- MacDaddy: Wow.... hope he pulls through
21:21-- Nis media: Angel watch over pinchers
21:23-- MacDaddy: We say that loud loud here on Level Vibes Radio
21:24-- RasCast : Jah watch over pinchers
21:25-- RasCast : Level yuh hear dat
21:25-- RasCast : man a try fe shot de bandelero
21:26-- RasCast : TUN IT MI SELECTOR!!!!!!!!!!BAP
21:27-- MacDaddy: Mi have it covered RasCast....... gotta keep it warm and smooth up in here
21:31-- Father level: IF you love me Brownstone
21:33-- MacDaddy: Father Level, I played that already..... 2 pieces .. Acapella and with music.....????
21:39-- Mr P: 5 Miles to Empty - Brownstone (Tribute to a Trevor who passed on Sat)
21:40-- Peppermint: Just incase I fall asleep good night all. Have a blessed and safe week. Early morning shift looming.
21:41-- Mr P: Av a gud one
21:43-- MacDaddy: Cool Mr P
21:44-- MacDaddy: Pepper Mint.......take it easy
21:45-- Mr P: SOS like san a seaside
21:48-- MacDaddy: lol
21:57-- Mr P: Proper Proper vibes -
21:59-- Mr P: Have G8t week One and All
22:01-- Mr P: 1 Love
22:02-- MacDaddy: MacDaddy is out
22:07-- Tooooothpick: How you doing Mc just tuned in
22:36-- godagod4u: mr p blesss up bradda mad show a canada me da
17:39-- C Dummy: I


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