1. A ‘golden’ Reggae Month ahead - Genre’s legacy over the past 50 years to be celebrated in February
    This year’s Major step A very proud Grange said, “It was a major step for us and our music, because we definitely had our challenges. We could have entertained a discussion with UNESCO that spoke to ‘the reggae music from Jamaica...
  2. Bushman cries ... Organiser of Rebel Salute takes the blame
    Tony Rebel, “There are artistes who come to me and say that they have out an album or a new song and they want to perform on the show, it doesn’t matter how early or how many minutes they get. As an artiste, I understand this, but I...
  3. Laurice and Friends celebrate friendship for a cause
    Ten years
  4. Sky’s the limit for model-turned-actress Nicole Grey
    It wouldn’t be the first time the statement, ‘sky’s the limit,’ has been used to introduced Pulse model Nicole Grey– who answers to the sobriquet, Sky.
  5. Plastic ban debate at Rebel Salute - Luciano says ban is nonsense
    In the realm of Rastafarianism, it is assumed that the conversation about Jamaica's ban on plastic and single-use plastic items, falls in the area of ital livity. However, conversations at the 26th annual Rebel Salute Reggae festival revealed that...